NHS Health & Care Innovation Expo 2016: Manchester Central

The NHS Health and Care Innovation Expo 2016 took place early this month and intends to show the future of the healthcare through NHS funded and private healthcare companies that support the industry. Dtc took our place alongside the exhibitors as we were responsible for designing the stand and collateral for healthcare company Dr Foster + Telstra Health (see photo below). Designed from a multi-demo perspective, it’s great to see the integrated brand development of both Dr Foster and Telstra Health coming together in a united way.


A digital NHS

The NHS is a fractious subject and extremely prominent in the public dialogue of late. A service that is renowned worldwide, both vilified and celebrated in equal measure and one that affects almost every person in the country. As with all companies, the NHS has stepped forward into the digital world – case in point, Jeremy Hunt’s launch of a new patient-centric website where appointments can be managed in one place.

Digital innovation

With new budget proposals now being drawn up for the next five years of investment, digital products are laying claim to a large amount of the funds available. This is partly due to exciting opportunities that it can offer and partly due to the great success of digital products already in existence.

A good example of this is Drinksmeter, an app designed and developed by our team that promotes healthy drinking habits and educates the users on their drinking activities, advising any recommended steps of improvement. Read more about DrinksMeter here.



Another app Sleepio, created by the University of Oxford and the Woolcock Insitute of Medial Research utilises Cognitive behavioural therapy to improve your sleep and was last years’ winner of the AXA PP Health Tech and You. Exhibiting at this year’s Expo in association with the Design Museum, Axa’s award scheme looks set to encourage and celebrate the wonderful work being created in digital healthcare. Rest assured we’ll be looking at entering the awards this year!

Inspiring experiences

One of the stands that was really successful for me was a project that had been produced by the Empathy Museum and sponsored by the Health Foundation called ‘walk a mile in my shoes’. An immersive experience, the stand itself was a giant brown shoebox which meant unlike any of the other stands, you walked into a closed room creating a feeling of intrigue, exclusivity and a strong sense of fun. Upon entering, you relayed your shoe size to one of the members of staff who then fetched you a pair of shoes to put on. These were accompanied by an ipod shuffle which contained a ten minute talk from a person who either worked for, had been affected by or had some kind of relationship in the NHS which you listened to whilst walking around the expo. The experience was then documented with a polaroid of yourself in the shoes. As well as being a very successful experience this stand also exhibited the importance of tangible, physical design.


And so to next year

I think it will be interesting to witness next years’ exhibition to see how digital products and innovations have continued to excel and challenge our healthcare needs. At dtc, we’re fanatical about working with clients, investors and like-minded individuals who want to develop challenging and engaging brands and products with a real value that make a significant contribution to healthcare.

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