Project Overview

New Music Fridays

Following a competitive pitch, IFPI commissioned us to create a brand and marketing campaign focusing on the launch of their New Music Fridays initiative. Our brief; to build a brand and visual style around a campaign which will boost consumer awareness and the anticipation tied to the release of new music globally.

A key challenge for the campaign was the coordinated delivery of assets and brand guidance for music organisations, record labels, and retailers around the world leading up to, and after, the launch.



Client: IFPI


Our role: Branding, Digital, Physical, Marketing

A primary goal of the campaign was to reinvigorate the release day. We needed to build anticipation in all new music being released on a single day, globally, and decided to centre the brand around the idea of highlighting a specific day on the calendar. As individuals, we all mark things differently. This personal connection helped form a vision for the brand.

As part of the consumer-facing side of the campaign, we developed the website to be the central resource for information and updates related to the campaign.

In order to coordinate the gloval release of the brand to the many parties involved, we created a single brand guidelines website where all the brand assets and templates can be viewed and downloaded.

Example use of the brand for in-store signage

Example blog teaser image in use by Napster.

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