Project Overview

Safer Use Limits

Global Drug Survey commissioned us to create a quick and simple website that helps people understand the potential risks of their drug use and how to reduce the chance of harm.

This advice is the first of its kind and is based on data collected from Global Drug Survey’s annual survey (completed by over 100,000 drug users last year).

We focused our efforts on making the site as quick as possible, users pick a drug and answer two questions about their use before being presented with a score that defines their level of risk. At this point a wealth of helpful information and advice is available to them.


Client: Global Drug Survey


Our role: Branding, Design, Development

Safer Use Limits is a campaign, as such the brand took cues from the parent and sister brands, Global Drug Survey and Drink/Drugs Meter apps.

We designed and built the app with a mobile-first approach. This helped ensure elements such as the results grid were effective at all screen sizes.

What worked for mobile worked great on desktop, we didn’t add any more complexity by changing the layout. Keeping it to a simple one column layout focuses the user on the task at hand making it a quick and simple experience.

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