Project Overview

The Guinness Partnership 125th Anniversary

The Guinness Partnership owns and manages nearly 60,000 homes across England, providing services for more than 120,000 customers and care services for more than 10,000 people.

In celebrating their 125th anniversary the Guinness Partnership wanted an interactive, engaging way to tell the story of the organisation and its role in UK communities throughout history. Over those 125 years, they had amassed an archive with a  wealth of documents, photographs, and ephemera that we wanted to bring to the forefront of this project. Additionally, they had a plan to conduct ongoing interviews and activities with members of their various communities that were to be featured on the site. We worked with them to create a system that allowed them to fully build out the sections of historical content and add new materials as they were made available.

Other sections such as a timeline of their events throughout history, an interactive map of their historical and current housing developments, and a fully searchable gallery of all materials they add to the site were created in order to facilitate an informative and entertaining experience with their content.


Client: The Guinness Partnership


Our role: Digital

Icons were created for each of the chapters

We created a fully-responsive site with image assets and media optimised for a range of devices and connection speeds

A fully interactive map showing related information and photography of the selected housing developments

A simple, searchable asset library

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