Project Overview

Universal Music Group

Global Insight is Universal Music Group’s internal data team. They empower the international workforce with the ability to easily gain access to vital data about the music industry and Universal’s work. We helped them with their rebrand to make a more engaging movement that would be recognised throughout the organisation. This work involved creation of a logotype and avatar, visual brand guidelines, and in-practice applications such as Microsoft Office templates and HTML email campaigns.


Client: Universal Music

Our role: Branding, Digital, Marketing

Microsoft Word template created so members of the team can easily edit content to keep up to date with the ever-changing music industry.

An example emailer we created as part of a range of customisable Mailchimp templates . . .

. . . and of course our email templates are responsive too!

An extensive icon suite that can be used across all communications.

A flexible Microsoft Powerpoint template for internal presentations.

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